Homework Edge

We work very closely with your child’s classroom teacher to ensure that we’re delivering homework assistance similar to the way your child’s classroom curriculum and methodology are applied. We work with you and your child to set clear goals so that we all have the same expectations and ensure we stay on the track of success. We won’t do the homework for them, but we work with your child so that they can gain the skills and confidence to do it independently.

We also integrate Study Skills into the program! We teach students study skills strategies appropriate for the school work they are doing. This enables your child to truly connect meaning between class work, homework and testing through proper techniques and habits for success. We meet with you frequently to update you on your child’s progress.

KnowledgePoints Homework EdgeThe Homework Edge Program features:

  • Student-to-teacher ratio of 3:1 0r 1:1
  • Integration of study skills into homework
  • Confidence building
  • Building relationships with students, parents, and teachers
  • Meeting with school teachers to collaborate efforts
  • Consistent motivation and encouragement
  • Non-competitive learning environment
  • Convenient scheduling to fit your needs