SAT® / ACT®Test Prep

KnowledgePoints SAT®/ACT® Advantages

  • 19 years of school-based experience
  • Real tests for skills diagnosis
  • Detailed skills diagnosis
  • Robust skills feedback report
  • Individualized program
  • Automatic essay score and analysis
  • Correlated to State Standards
  • Parent Feedback Report
  • Comprehensive FinalPrep™
  • Skill lessons and quizzes targeting your child’s skill weaknesses
  • Review of key test taking strategies

We know that you have choices when it comes to test prep but we’re confident that our individualized program, online components and personal instruction will provide you with the best possible tools to succeed on the SAT® or ACT®. We understand that SAT®/ACT® scores are a critical factor in the admissions process for college. More than 1.5 million students take the SAT® and ACT® each year with hopes of getting into the college of their choice. The KnowledgePoints SAT®/ACT® Test Prep program, designed by educators, is tailored for each student to help them reach their goals and confidently send applications to their college of interest. Our program is built upon 19 years of proven results and school based experience. We utilize a comprehensive method that guides students through the test taking strategies needed to score big on the test, while also strengthening the academic skills necessary to be successful in college.

SAT®/ACT® Test Prep Program Features

QuickTest™ – A web-based diagnostic assessment that provides immediate feedback and an accurate predictor of SAT®/ACT® areas of strengths & weakness. Visit to take the online QuickTest NOW.

Skills Based – We’ll help you develop skills to be successful in college and help you get your best score possible!

Source: Triumph College Admissions, 2007

Source: Triumph College Admissions, 2007

Individualized Program – Our trained and qualified instructors tailor the program to each student‘s needs based upon our diagnostic assessment results.

Real tests – Provide you a precise analysis of skill deficiencies.

WritePrep™ – Student essays are accurately graded in seconds rather than days using our state of the art online techniques. Also included is an analysis of specific weaknesses. Students receive an overall score PLUS robust analysis of their essay linked to the points of rubric:

  • Development of Point of View and Critical Thinking
  • Organization and focus
  • Use of language and vocabulary
  • Sentence structure variety
  • Grammar usage and mechanics

We then work to improve those areas with the use of lessons, quizzes, and strategies.

FinalPrep™ – Two to three days before students take the SAT® or ACT® using a Web-based review of key concepts, we provide a focused review of the key concepts and test taking strategies that are fresh in the students’ short-term memory and can be retrieved for success on the SAT®/ACT®. FinalPrep™ gives students the boost they need just before the exam when students need it the most.

KnolwedgePoints QuickTest

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