Study Skills Programs

  • Is your child unsure of how or when to begin studying for the big test?
  • Is the child having difficulty with taking effective notes?
  • Does your child have trouble recalling the appropriate information for the test?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your student could benefit from the KnowledgePoints Study Skills program.

Our enhanced Study Skills program focuses on:

    KnowledgePoints Study Skills Program

  • Test Preparation Skills – Learn the five-day test prep strategies for successfully taking test including how to reduce test anxiety.
  • Test Taking Strategies – Students learn the various types of test taking strategies and they practice taking test with various formats.
  • Managing Study Time and Routines -Students learn how to prepare a Term Calendar including development of sound study habits and preparing daily organizers that benefit them in and out of school.
  • Taking Notes -Students learn effective lecture and textbook note taking strategies.
  • Remembering Information -Students learn the use of visualization, categorizations and abbreviation strategies.
  • Reading and Interpreting Visual Aids -Students learn how to read a variety of visual and graphic aids and how to interpret the information provided.
  • Using Reference Sources -Students learn the proper use of the thesaurus, atlas/almanac, encyclopedia and dictionary (both written and electronic).  Follow-up courses offered for classroom/strategy correlations.

With a mastery of study skills students are equipped to tackle every school assignment with confidence.