What Parents and Students Say

Your excellent teaching turned my son completely around in algebra. I can't thank you enough. Final grades haven't come out yet, but just look at this copy of last month's Progress Report, especially the comments! This could never have happened without you. Thank you!

Parent of 10th grade student

Math tutoring at KnowledgePoints has proved to be very beneficial to our son. His tutor retaught, reviewed and reinforced basic math skills that he had missed/misunderstood when taught at school. For the most part, he enjoyed his time at KnowledgePoints. His tutor had a way of making the sessions fun, with lots of positive reinforcement and rewards for a job well done.

Carie C, Parent of 7th grade student

We've been thrilled with our experience at KnowledgePoints. We have seen an improvement not only in our child's academics, but also in her attitude towards learning.

She enjoys going to "KP" each week and comes out smiling each time. She now incorporates math into every day activities, something she never would have done before.

The Director and instructors have wonderful soothing qualities that impart confidence. We couldn't be happier with our experience at KnowledgePoints. We couldn't be happier with our experience at KnowledgePoints.

Kathleen K, Parent of 2nd grade student

My experience in the KnowledgePoints Study Skills program has been excellent. During my freshman year of High School, I was always having trouble taking tests and struggling with multiple choice questions. I really needed the extra help with learning how to properly take a test. With KnowledgePoints I am more confident when I take tests because I know what to do when I get stuck. My tutor helped me focus on the certain things I had trouble with. KnowledgePoints has given me a firm belief that I can do great on tests with the proper skills and materials.

Catherine, 9th grade student

Walking into the study skills program, I was rather skeptical of my need for it. I felt like it was a waste of my time and effort. However, I was quickly proven wrong. I found I had all the tools necessary to study, but my use of those tools needed some fine tuning. After 15 hours of private and semi-private instruction, I felt my grasp on study skills had increased significantly.

John, 10th grade student